"Wearing the right underwear is the foundation of your outfit"

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Wearing the right underwear will completely change the way your clothes sit and the way your body looks.

My top tips:

1. I suggest nude and black as basic colours. Nude will adapt to any colour of clothing but it is especially good if you are wearing white as it will hardly show.

2. I recommend to have a bra fitted session every 6 months.

3. Invest in the right underwear for your body shape - choose a style that shapes you properly.

Here are some links to brands that I really like and recommend:



80% of us wear the wrong sized bra. Yesterday I went to have a bra fitting because I thought my bra was too tight on the band as I could see excess skin on my sides and back.

Big surprise when the lady told me it happens when your bra is too loose! She gave me a bra that was smaller on the band and bigger in cup size. The result is that I feel much more comfortable, I don’t have red marks, my breasts look lifted and my clothes fit much better.

Margarita x

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