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Join date: Jun 11, 2018


I am Margarita, a Personal Stylist based in Hertfordshire. I am an advocate of body positivity and dressing with confidence. I graduated from the British College of Professional Styling in 2017. I always felt attracted to what clothes can make you feel and I am a true believer that if you like what you are wearing you will radiate confidence and you will approach your day feeling positive and ready for whatever it holds. 

I love coming into my clients' houses and helping them to rediscover their wardrobes, while making their wardrobes work for them, their lifestyle and preferences. I also love hosting Styling Events as it's such a great way to connect with each other and to pass on the message of inclusivity in fashion. I am passionate and driven in my work and above all, I love working with women who feel like they need support or redirection because of changes in their lifestyle or simply because they want to bring life back into their wardrobes. 


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