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Lipstick Is The Ultimate Accessory

I don't know about you, but I do love a bit of lipstick. When I am wearing lipstick I feel that I am making an effort and instantly I feel sexy, confidante, brighter and put together. Ultimately, it transforms anyone outfit from great to amazing!

So, I thought we could set a challenge

Why don't you try to wear a brighter lipstick than your usual shade for a couple of days? And see how it makes you feel.

I have heard it all! I don't wear lipstick because my lips are too big or too small, because I don't know what colour suits me, because I don't like to be seen…. and so on!

Well, if you are here is because you would like to brake those patterns, believe me, its all about trying!

it is a fact that Lipstick makes you look as if you have prepared your outfit. A good example would be, if you are wearing a black or neutral outfit a dash of lip colour can bring the whole look to life.

Now, lets talk about the right lipstick for your complexion. If you have a warm undertone you are more likely to be a Spring or Autumn Season Pallet. Spring should reach towards brighter colours and Autumn towards warmer. 

If you have a cold undertone you will be Summer or Winter. Summer should go for pastel, icy colours and Winter should incline for brighter colours. 


If you have a SPRING colour palette, the lip colours that will suit you are bright hues such as orange, orange-red, bright red, cherry red, coral, coral pink, reddish brown, wine and cherry pink.


If you have a SUMMER colour palette, choose softer shades of peach, warm purple and natural pinks. Powder Pink, Pastel Pink, Dusty Pink, Rose Pink, Cranberry, Orchid, Mauve, Pink Beige and Lavanda will look great on you!


If you have an AUTUMN colour palette, go for warm peachy colours, deeper shades of orange and berry hues like Burn Red, Cinnamon, Wine, Burgundy, Plum or Beige.


If you have a WINTER colour palette the brighter the better so go to town with Raspberry, Fuchsia, Strawberry Red, Dark Plum, Mauve, Bright Red, Hot Pink, Coral or Orange.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and give it a go, tomorrow when you get dressed don't forget to wear your favourite lipstick!


Margarita x

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