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The Benefits Of Getting Properly Dress During Lockdown

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Let’s talk about the benefits of clothes, fashion, style, accessories, a dash of make-up and getting properly dressed every day during this lockdown.

If I have learnt one thing while being isolated at home, it’s the value of the small things that we take for granted, like: preparing to go to work, having a coffee with friends, getting dressed up on Saturdays to go to a favourite restaurant, even hugging your family, or in my case, taking a plane back home to see them. Right now, we have just embraced a new limited freedom but, one day our lives will return to a sense of normality, and I am sure we will all be seeing things from a different prospective.

Something that has helped me a lot during the last few months is getting dressed everyday as if I am going to work or to be social. It truly has had a surprising impact on how I deal with this most unusual set of circumstances. My morning begins with some type of exercise, a refreshing shower, applying a small of amount of make-up to and going to my wardrobe to select a different outfit for each day. It’s all too easy to grab what you wore yesterday, starting a day with fresh clothes every day restores my spirits and I am able to get on with work and home schooling. Of course, I have had those days when I give in and say to myself… today, I will wear leggings . But by the nightfall, it I feel that I haven’t achieved half of the things I wanted to. What you wear is vitally important to confidence and self-esteem. Look good, feel good.


Therefore, here are my top tips:

  1. Ideally choose your outfit the night before, or at least think about what you want to wear. It should be something that makes you feel comfortable and is practical, but at the same time makes you look put together and as though you have made an effort. My go-to examples that almost every woman call pull together from their wardrobe are: a smart t-shirt, cotton shirt or silky blouse with a pair of jeans, a dress with trainers, or a fine knit paired with jogging trousers or chinos. Each choice is obviously dependent on the temperature.

  2. Add some accessories like a pair of statement earrings, a necklace, or bracelet to bring a touch of magic to something otherwise quite simple. It’s the easiest and quickest way to jazz up your outfit.

  3. Wear lipstick, it will instantly make you feel in a better mood, I can guarantee that.

Getting properly dressed will help you to keep the right mindset. This has nothing to do with vanity, but is a simple, easy way that will help you to keep your mood positive and give you a sense of purpose and achievement to your day. Come on ladies, let’s keep dress up and stay confident.



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